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In preparation for hitting the trail – we decided to taste test several dehydrated and freeze dried offerings.

The boy isn’t too keen on oatmeal – and all of the lightweight hiking blogs talk about making your own oatmeal/granola mixes. Time for some other ideas.

I went off to REI and picked up a few ideas. We’ve been fans of the Mountain House camping meals for a while – they are quite salty though. More recently we tried a few of the Good-To-Go meals – which were pretty good.

This was also a great time to check out the camping stoves, teach the boy how to light them – and get the water boiling.


Here are the details. All prices are correct at the time of purchase.

Good-to-Go Oatmeal


This was always going to be hit or miss. The reviews on REI are like Marmite – love it or hate it. Let’s see.


We followed the instructions to the letter. What resulted was a really strange gloop. The smell was kind-of-spicy, kind-of-porridge. The consistency was nutty. The taste was, in our opinion, quite vile. The vegetarian of the house however demolished a bowl after returning from a trail run.



3/10 for taste

2/10 for cost

We won’t be taking this on the trail. A real disappointment.

Backpacker’s Pantry Huevos Rancheros


Ok – I did what quite a few others have done – and picked this up without reading the details. This is dried eggs; not freeze dried and dehydrated cooked eggs. It makes up about 300ml of egg/beans/cheese mix – that then needs cooking up in a pan. Not really backpacking food at all. That being said – it was good.


Following the instructions – this turned out really well. Could have done with a few minutes more to rehydrate the black beans – some were still a little crunchy. With some hot sauce this could be a real hit for car camping.



8/10 for taste

6/10 for cost

Not for the trail – but great for car camping.

Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon


Reading the reviews and the instructions – there’s a “remove excess water” comment. Urg. Not what we want to be doing in bear country. Again – we followed instructions to the letter.


Very wet. Lots of excess water. Salty bacon too. Strange egg texture. As noted in the REI reviews – it’s unlike scrambled eggs and bacon. We would certainly try this with a tortilla and hot sauce. Concerned about the extra water though.



7/10 for taste

6/10 for cost

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet


Pricier than the rest – but two huge servings. Hash browns, egg, sausage, pepper and onions.


This took a good while to rehydrate – but in the end was worth the wait. It looks a lot like beige gloop – but certainly textures and tastes were good. We think this would be great in a tortilla – and adding some hot sauce really lifted this one.



8/10 for taste

7/10 for cost

This was the best of the four.