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For a short while the WA DOH were not reporting test numbers – now the data is back; interpolation using data from the COVID Tracking Project – caveat that the test totals may not be exact due to reporting times. The CTP pulls data at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern; WA DOH have been publishing numbers later and later in the afternoon.

At first glance the number of tests performed is growing at around 3000 tests per day. This seems to be the limit of UW Virology and other testing labs. Caveat – I don’t know whether this is a limit on tests requested, tests physically able to be run at the labs or a limit on the number of test kits available. I’m sure it’s a varying combination of the three.

The number of positive tests is growing; the rate of growth seems to be slowing.

In addition the percentage of positive tests is trending downward.

Nate Silver (538 fame) has a good commentary on this.