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Weekend – good reporting from The Seattle Times  and ProPublica around the Seattle Sounders game in early March that I decided not to attend. Coronavirus spiking in Yakima and other Eastern WA locations.


Friday – the week went quickly. I didn’t write daily notes. Sixth week of working from home. Lots of graphs plotting the rate of new cases around the globe – this peak seems to be over in many locations. Much discussion at work about what return to work could look like. My best guess is to reduce density there’s going to need to be at least A/B cohorts; and keep them together (i.e A is Mon/Tue, B is Wed/Thu, Fri work from home) so you don’t cross contaminate groups.

BBC News has a horrible search; also searching for “yesterdays live coverage” is really hard.

Thursday – heavy pollen triggering massive allergies for some. Industrial food has caused some hotspots in meat processing plants. There’s a potential shortage of meat coming.

Wednesday – Trump de-funds WHO. 15% funding lost on a pique. 2 million global cases of coronavirus. WA state positive tests peaked on 28 March.

Ran a Zoom meeting for 5th LD Dems with online voting to confirm endorsements. More folk online than would come to a regular meeting. Maybe this is how we run meetings in the future?

Tuesday – “Reopen America” is trending

Monday – I have to admit – the work week (and to an extent the weekends) are becoming somewhat of a blur. This week should be Spring Break; normally we would have headed away for a few days. Instead everyone is at home.

Kids are into the routine of school in the morning, doing something creative and constructive in the afternoon. Today they made dinner and baked challah bread.

Trump press briefing is just trash.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

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