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Weekend – baking, “Fifty Shades of Grain” project. Confusion, angst, anger over relaxation/return to work. 20k deaths in hospitals in the UK.

Friday – drinking/injecting Lysol fallout still ongoing. Off to buy 50lb of bread flour from the mill.

Thursday – well – that might be the end of regular BBC daily rolling summaries. I just can’t find a daily link. WA State Emergency Management had to issue this (a little tongue in cheek)


Wednesday – up early, check emails, new morning ritual is to find the BBC latest news link and post it to the table below. It’s a pain to find retrospectively.

Good chat with the kids about “flatten the curve” and calculus (who doesn’t like some more maths during home-school?) – area under the curve stays constant. Same number of cases; hopefully the peak is lower so there are less deaths. Second wave is going to be brutal.

18k deaths in UK hospitals; at some point the non-hospital deaths are going to be tallied. That will be a sizable number.

Continued discussion about “back to work” and what that might look like. I think cohorts, optional wfh will be the new norm.

Tuesday – 2.5 million global cases, 171k deaths. Trump puts immigration ban in place for 60 days, Green Card holders included. Plenty of fact checking going on.

Monday – it’s nearly May. That means working from home for most of March and all of April.

Negative oil prices (based on future contracts and the need to move crude). I half-joked that negative oil pricing was a story prompt for post-apocalyptic fiction. The Economist had an article several years ago that Russia needed oil >$80 to be viable. June forward looks stable at $20-$25/barrel.

Anti-lockdown protests look like some astroturfing.

No updates from me regarding the WA DOH data – it’s been really challenging – and I’ve found more success with other sources.

Seattle Times has a good summary (read the text)

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
20 April here here here
21 April here here here
22 April here here here
23 April here here here
24 April here here here
25 April here here here
26 April here here here