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Weekend – sunny and blue skies. Would be a perfect start to spring break in any other year. 10k deaths in UK hospitals, UK projected to be worst hit country in Europe. NHS frontline staff are sick. US hits 20k deaths and a long way to go.

Huge lines across various food banks across the US. Millions of jobs just disappeared in March.

Baked bread Saturday, foccacia planned for Sunday.

Friday – the kids are responding as well as can be expected to the news that school is out until September. Missing friends, missing social interaction, distance learning is not the same. Zoom sucks; Teams is better (their words). A proliferation of websites and logins for each class.

Almost 1000 deaths in 24 hours in the UK. Trump want’s to “reopen the US” – which will mean another massive spike.

Thursday – workday 26 at home. Routine. Without the rhythm of the office every day seems quite similar.

Noticeable differences: no planes in the sky, no contrails because of that, less roadnoise, you can really hear birds and the occasional barking dog.

1.5 million cases globally; that’s 500k new cases in six days. Log curve of new is flattening – but a long, long way to go.

Wednesday – 7000 hospital deaths in the UK. Good to see hospital vs home called out here. Still a shocking death toll. 938 deaths today. US sees 1800 deaths on Tuesday. 100 Days That Changed The World.

Tuesday – Boris still in ICU. Lots of conjecture on how ill he is.

Monday – multiple BBC websites are throwing 404 errors. Looks like a problem with their content system. 51k UK cases, 5.3k deaths. 331k cases in US, 9k deaths. The wave is yet to break.


Wearing of masks is “strongly recommended”. New cases and deaths (leading/trailing indicators) falling in Italy, Spain and WA state.

Boris in ICU. WA state triage exercise from 2018.

No school until September.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

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