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Weekend – Lockdown relaxation bringing spikes in new cases. Open too soon? Probable. Sports are slowly returning. Continued protests across the US. Continuing rioting in some areas. Seattle has 1700-0500 curfew in place. Attacks against the press.

Weekly look at WA state numbers via the Seattle Times.

Friday – Minneapolis burning. Trump tweets inciteful language. CNN camera crew arrested while broadcasting live. None of it COVID related. Lockdown being relaxed across the globe.

Thursday – sunny and warm again. Trump threatening “action” against social media companies by Executive Order. New cases of COVID in WA are mainly in under 40s. That’s worrying. Potential mutation?

Wednesday – after a week of gloom – the sun is out again – and warming up. Hopefully local social distancing and masks prevail. 100k US deaths from Covid – that’s over a 90 day period. That’s 3-4 plane crashes per day. The scale of deaths is just not comprehended. 50% of US people would not take a vaccine.

Tuesday – back to work. Cummings fallout continues in the UK. Hydroxychloroquine trials are dropped. WHO warns of second peak. Second COVID birthday in the family.

Monday – Memorial Day in the US. The start of summer. A holiday. For week 12 – it’s another day at home. Too many reports of folk out and not distancing or wearing masks. I suspect a combination of tribal politics, fatigue and “it only gets old people”. New case rate in Washington State is relatively flat (~250 per day), and death rate is slowly going down (single digit trend). I think early action had a massive effect.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

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