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Last year I noted that the ASUS Access Points were pretty much end of life. A pair of RT-AC66U and RT-AC68U had been providing pretty solid wifi coverage for trusted, untrusted and guest devices for around seven years. Sporadic updates from ASUS; more frequent updates from RMerlinDev – but a clear sunsetting of seven year old hardware.

I had been eying multiple vendors over the last year or so – with an eye to replace both the trusted, untrusted and guest wifi with a consolidated set of hardware. In addition the edge firewall/IDS/IPS running IPfire was due for a replacement. Everything gets old.

I settled on Ubiquiti and their Unifi range. A couple of Unifi-AP-HD Access Points and a Unifi Security Gateway Pro  should last a while. Future proofing – with an eye on end-to-end IP6 and fibre to the home – both should easily handle the additional complexity.

I built the Unifi Controller on a dedicated Ubuntu 20.04 server. That was a pain. Notes: MongoDB versions, JRE versions – and installation of the deb package. All too painful.