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Weekend – retrospectively – is this the week that changed the US? When will that be clear? Certainly there is a large grass roots outpouring of anger, support and a desire for change. An enormous story that knocked the coronavirus story from the front pages. Ironic (infuriating?) that on the anniversary of D Day that “anti antifa” is the Trump campaign slogan.

Almost two million cases in the US – and still climbing. I expect a pretty rapid rise in the non-distancing states, as well as second waves in others.

More counties opening in Washington state. A slight uptick in positive confirmed cases at the tail end of last week. More testing or a result of folk being out for the sunny weekend at the end of May?

Dozens of coronavirus victims being found weeks after death. That is distressing.

Lowest UK numbers of new cases – and zero deaths in NI and Scotland.

Sunday updates from The Seattle Times

Friday – hydroxychloroquine does not work against coronavirus – again.

Thursday – multiple states reporting upticks in number of cases; aligning closely with the lack of social distancing.

Wednesday – Brazil overtakes Italy in terms of deaths. Very avoidable.

Tuesday – truly exhausting. I couldn’t imagine that anything would take a global pandemic off the headlines.

Monday – my entire newsfeed has switched from coronavirus reporting and emerging from lockdown, to majority peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and the parallel violence, looting and associated police responses. There is even a curfew in Issaquah , WA.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "Mayor Mary Lou Pauly @MayorMaryLou Το protect the health and safety of our community, am issuing a curfew from 8 p.m.-6 a.m. June 1-3. During the curfew hours, community members should refrain from traveling in and through Issaquah. Stay Home, Stay Safe"

Local and global coverage for future reference.

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