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Saturday – 3.2M cases in the US, 12.5M global. Almost 135k deaths in the US. For context that’s half a Vietnam war in 4 months.

JHU data shows accelerating positive cases in the US. Sunday: 15,300 new cases in FL.


Weekly look at The Seattle Times data. Continued climb in cases; deaths picking up too. Yakima County almost caught up with King County in absolute numbers; off the chart for per capita.

Friday – international travel restrictions starting to ease in Europe. Runaway cases in the US.

Thursday – 60k daily cases in the US. TX, AZ, FL worst hit. They opened early.

Wednesday – International students must return home for remote learning.

Tuesday – US gives notice to exit WHO, 10k cases/day in CA, virus could be airborne. Bolsonaro positive test. Masks required again in WA.

Monday – Texas warns of overwhelmed hospitals; US deaths over 130k.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

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