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Weekend – Weekend continues to report European second waves, US deaths.

The update from The Seattle Times for the week. Case count is trending down. Deaths still at low double digits. Too high for reopening.

The state Department of Health has stopped releasing the number of tests that have come back negative. The agency, which initially cited technical difficulties for the lack of data, announced Aug. 12 it is changing its test-tracking methodology and won’t report testing totals or the state’s positivity rate again until its new data reporting system is operational.

Friday – UK quarantine chaos. Europe second wave. 167k deaths in the US, 5.3M cases.

Thursday – US death toll highest since May.

Wednesday – New Zealand outbreak in Auckland. Will be interesting to see how the track and trace works for this – and how the cases emerged.

Tuesday – BBC have the daily updates on the front page again. Clearly second wave rolling through. Russia has a vaccine ready for test; unknown what the initial testing looks like.

Monday – work from home is going to be the normal for at least six months – so this is really a COVID news tracking page for me now. Week 23, it’s August, summer is passing, back to school is all virtual. I’ll keep aggregating the news stories – and try to remain above the political fray. As we approach six months I will try and reflect on what 2020 has looked like. BBC summary returned.

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