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Weekend – was planning a late week camping trip; PNW National Parks are “over full, over flowing, over used” – there is no availability. Folk are heading to the mountains and lakes.

Sobering: 800k global deaths. 23 million cases. WHO says “pandemic over in two years”.

The Seattle Times weekly graphic:

The state Department of Health has stopped releasing the number of tests that have come back negative. The agency, which initially cited technical difficulties for the lack of data, announced Aug. 12 it is changing its test-tracking methodology and won’t report testing totals or the state’s positivity rate again until its new data reporting system is operational.

Friday – continued stories of “folk rushing back” to avoid lockdown and quarantine. It’s not the time to be heading on long haul trips for vacations tbh.

Thursday – Russia vaccine trials starting. Vast amounts of European cases. BBC saying “end of first wave” not a second wave.

WednesdayKing County reporting “lower ratio of positive tests” but spiking elsewhere.

Tuesday – more vaccines in clinical trials. Korea sees new cases.

Monday – reports of mutated Coronavirus strain. Will there be any chance of a vaccine? My guess is yearly variants like influenza. Much like the US, exam results are in disarray across the UK. Spain new cases spike.


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