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Weekend – a handful of confirmed “re-infections” is a worrying sign. Will a vaccine even be effective?

Weekly reminder of the state of the State from The Seattle Times. Plateau – but not safe.

The state Department of Health has stopped releasing the number of tests that have come back negative. The agency, which initially cited technical difficulties, announced Aug. 12 it is changing its test-tracking methodology and won’t report testing totals or the state’s positivity rate again until its new data reporting system is operational. Also: On Aug. 28, the DOH announced it is ending the publication of COVID-19 death counts over weekends, starting Aug. 28-30. Regular publishing of death data will take place Mondays-Fridays, and the number of weekend deaths will be added to Monday and Tuesday reports.

Friday – across Europe travel restrictions are returning – similar to earlier in the year.

Thursday – “undeniable surge” in France, South Korea struggling to contain outbreaks. Second wave? Maybe. How these cases are suppressed is going to be vital learning.

Wednesday – the never ending flood of news is numbing. Trying to sustain empathy with 24M global cases, 5.8M US cases, 820K global deaths and 180k US deaths is hard. US politics are working to suppress the numbers and the news. Meanwhile Italy has surge of cases. Russia approves second vaccine.

Tuesday – Today India, Turkey, Spain again. US back to school is starting to prove a disaster.

Monday – it’s nearly September. Birmingham, UK continues towards lockdown. Boris says “go back to school”. We know how this ends. HK confirms re-infection.

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