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Weekend – Numbers and reports from around the US and Europe continue to show a massive rise in positive tests, associated hospitalisation and the final lagging indicator, death.

Washington State numbers from The Seattle Times. Daily cases up, 800+ per day – that’s approaching the July peak. Hospitalisation and death are still relatively stable.

Friday – 91k US cases in the last 24 hours. 24k UK cases. This is the “new normal” as we head deeper into this phase of infection. “Save Christmas” lockdown.

Chart shows cases are continuing to rise steeply

Thursday – EU moving patients across borders to keep hospitals going.

Wednesday – France, Germany, Greece.

Tuesday – Talk of a new England-wide lockdown.

Monday – There is a risk this becomes a list of countries with record breaking infection. Portugal, Czechia, Belgium, Italy, UK, most of the US.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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