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Weekend – 200k cases per day; holiday travel is surging.

Weekly data from The Seattle Times. That positive test rate at >10% – ouch.

Friday – COVID tests spiking at 20% positive in King County. Trump Jr has COVID. Testing before Thanksgiving leads to huge lines.

UK cases may have plateaued; here come the hospitalisations and then the deaths. Compare with Monday.


Thursday – positive tests stop Brexit negotiations. “Don’t travel for Thanksgiving” – which is being widely ignored.

Wednesday – 250k deaths in the US. That’s 4 Vietnam wars.

Tuesday – “Trump administration has checked out”, US COVID cases continue to accelerate.

Monday – talking with friends about the last 36 weeks about “lockdown”: no school (all from home), no work (all from home), seen friends twice (socially distanced, wearing masks, outside), been outside the town a handful of times (to collect flour and visit Orcas Island for some isolated time away). This has not been normal, it’s not been with people. Our bubble of four has has had near zero contact with anyone else.

Today the talk has been around vaccines. A second encouraging report. UK numbers look dreadful.


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