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Weekend – UK U-turns into severe lockdown for London and SE. I can’t find the words to understand the last minute “escape from London” mentality – as folk try and beat the deadline.

Numbers from The Seattle Times again – format changed up a little.

 Starting on Dec. 21, we will not have this daily COVID-19 graphic in our Monday print edition, as the state Department of Health will no longer be reporting coronavirus data on Sundays. Data on Mondays will now incorporate the case and hospitalization counts from the previous day.

Friday – UK looks to be in the grip of a more transmissible mutation. Rt increases. Hoping the vaccines still effective – but runaway cases.

Thursday – Oh UK – your cases and hospitalisation is picking up again. From The Guardian.


Wednesday – UK reporting COVID mutation, with unknown results against the various vaccines. WA changes guidance on school re-opening – perhaps January/February?

Tuesday – NHS under extreme pressure. UK cases pick up again, after peaking and declining. First vaccines in Seattle given at UW. This certainly feels like the end of the beginning.


Monday – first vaccines have been given in the US. It’ll be a year and more to vaccinate the US or the UK. Sandra Lindsay will be the answer to a trivia question in the future.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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