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New Year and weekend – entering the New Year with some hope that the multiple vaccines will slow and eventually eradicate the pandemic. All signs from the US are that distribution is being botched.

Weekend numbers from The Seattle Times – cases have decreased (yay!) and deaths seem to have peaked. Hospital beds are >85% utilised which is a big concern.

Thursday – looking back at the first year of Coronavirus: 83M reported, positive cases, 1.8M deaths. That curve isn’t slowing down. Data from JHU


US data shows a more pronounced jump since November. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year…


Wednesday – vaccination is slow in the US.

Tuesday – When the history of Covid and 2020-202? is written, there will be a lot said about how the US responded. Reading today that 40M+ Americans are behind in mortgage, car and credit card payments. Those payments all become due in mid 2021.

Monday – Already writing about 2021 – soon this will be a full year of working from home, school from home. The disruption to normal life has been immense. The loss of life, livelihoods and the elimination of societal norms will be here for a long time. UK, US and around the globe new cases are reaching new peaks. 41,385 new positive cases in the UK, NHS warns of collapse.

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