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Weekend – A year since the first case in Washington State. Good write up on Twitter around UK rates, vaccinations and what next.

Weekly update from The Seattle Times, now showing vaccination data. We are still 3 months into the big wave; with concerns that mutations could make this go on for a while.

Friday – much concern about multiple new mutations.

Thursday – California running low on vaccines, last mile of US distribution is becoming an issue. Microsoft, Starbucks working on Washington State support; Amazon offering US wide support.

Wednesday – Inauguration Day. Hopefully a change of perspective and attitude to the pandemic. Meanwhile – record cases and deaths across the globe.

Tuesday – As the US prepares for a transition to President Biden, there is optimism that 100M vaccinations in 100 days, as well as a more competent and open approach to distribution will make a difference.

Monday – Washington State working on new vaccination plans, partners with Microsoft and Starbucks.

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