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Weekend – much concern that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine does not provide adequate protection against the “South Africa” variant. Variant breakout is a real challenge. Lockdown, vaccination are really having an effect on the UK rates. (Below, from The Guardian).


Hotspots of South Africa variant in the UK.

Weekend update for Washington State from The Seattle Times. Positive case rate is stable and is certainly trending downwards. Vaccine delivery is slow but picking up; almost 9% have first vaccine shot (compare to 18% in the UK).

Friday – UK variant now 6%+ of COVID cases; this is the more transmissible version.

Thursday – Good data from The Seattle Times on vaccine rates across the state, by race and ethnicity. (paywall) “Scarce doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have so far gone disproportionately to white Washington residents, new data from the state Department of Health (DOH) shows.”

Wednesday – Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine being limited in multiple locations to 18-55; leaving limited choices for over 55, more at risk community.

Tuesday – another “worrying mutation” in the UK. This may be the pattern for the next year – as vaccinations roll out and some immunity builds; watching for mutations that escape.

Monday – travel bans, closed borders contrasted with re-opening and relaxed restrictions. Parts of Washington State move to “phase 2” – which means restaurants can start to re-open at 25% capacity.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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