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Weekend – half a million dead in the US.

Usual weekly update from The Seattle Times. Positive rates are down, folk are becoming complacent again. Continued discussion on back to school.

Friday – another variant in Japan, it’s a race. Dr Fauci says “back to normal by Christmas”.

Thursday – AstraZeneca vaccine reluctance. Rich/Poor divide on vaccine distribution.

Wednesday – Washington State daily cases below 600 for the first time in many months. Daily positive tests down to 6.5%. 10.7% of population have had first vaccine shot. Vaccine production is now the bottleneck. It’s a race against variants/mutations.

Tuesday – more mutations, one of these could be the escapee and massive impact. Real concern that antibiotic use during COVID is accelerating the risk of AMR.

Monday – we’re going to see a lot of “this time last year” posts in the media. Between late January 2020 and late February there was news coverage about the first case in the US – and increasing concern in China and across SE Asia about spread. My post from mid-March 2020 describing this time. Still in the office at that point.

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