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Weekend – Italy, Germany, France all picking up for another wave. I think this goes back to the earliest days (a year ago!) – the hammer and the dance. This is going to be the Spring story – racing to produce, ship and deliver vaccines across the globe; and getting enough people immunised.

Casing surging across Europe. JHU/The Guardian graphic.


Washington State weekly recap from The Seattle Times. Positive tests have ticked back up.

Friday – The “people we know who have been vaccinated” list keeps growing. Friends, family, colleagues. All positive. 100M shots in 58 days; weeks ahead of schedule. On the downside – positive cases are picking up; lots of B117 variant in the US – and it’s spreading just as states open up too early. It’s a race to vaccinate “most” before the next wave comes through.

Thursday – vaccine manufacturing shortages. Hoarding/export bans for vaccine.

Wednesday – Looking back at last year; and there was absolute panic: blueprints for ventilators being sent to industry, closing borders, exams being cancelled, schools closing.

Tuesday – AstraZeneca vaccine “safe”, another wave of infections in France.

Monday – The blog rolls around. Officially more than a year of weekly synopsis.

A reminder of “this time last year” and the panic buying:


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