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Weekend – continued reports that Covid is spreading faster than vaccines can be administered; meanwhile it’s spring break – and there are just too many folk travelling and not wearing masks. 60k+ cases per day in the US still. In King County, WA “If cases continues to climb over the next week or two, the county may return to the more-limited Phase 2 of the reopening plan”.

The US daily cases graph from JHU (see below) certainly seems like the start of another uptick. Canada describing a third wave (the first two are really “the first”). “As variants spread, Covid is killing faster and younger,” said Dr Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of Ontario’s Covid-19 science advisory table.

US gets 4M+ vaccines in a day; average of over 3M per day for the week. Very good news. Almost half of the UK has had one shot of a vaccine.

Here The Seattle Times has the weekly update. Certainly a clear uptick in positive cases in the State. I have zero confidence that this will be contained; it’s going to be another wave, another lockdown.

Friday – much discussion on “coronavirus passports”, privacy, technology and inclusion.

Thursday – AstraZenaca still in the news; bloodclots, halted for under 60s in the Netherlands. France, Belgium, Germany continue to fight through a new massive wave. Variants are more transmissible.

Wednesday – Pfizer vaccine for me. Thousands of people getting vaccinated in Seattle.


Tuesday – Back to Western Europe for rising cases. Netherlands, France, Germany still fighting with variants and rising numbers.

Monday – my first vaccination scheduled for Wednesday; that will make both adults in the house having had one shot. Two shots done by end of April. Meanwhile US wide cases are rising; WA cases are rising; Brazil and much of Europe is in the midst of another wave. I don’t see any of the restrictions being really removed until 2022. WHO origins of COVID report is going to stir up some more politics.

US cases – from JHU – is that the start of a fourth wave across the country?


I suspect that, after a year, The Seattle Times daily updates are back behind the paywall.

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