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Weekend – Thinking about when to stop the daily notes in this blog. Obvious re-opening all across the area; outside of the US – there are still waves of covid and folk needing vaccines.

Weekly update from The Seattle Times. Cases for the entire state are trending downwards, slowly but surely.

Friday – Neighbours came round for a glass of wine; all vaccinated, no masks. With King County at >70% vaccinated, and Issaquah at >80% – the old routines are returning.

Thursday – Wales pauses re-opening. Those numbers in the UK look like another wave.

Wednesday – UK reporting the start of a Delta variant wave. Washington State concerns about the Gamma variant (previously known as Brazil variant).

Tuesday – UW reporting Delta variant present and “really concerning” in Washington State. King County in Washington State reaches 70% vaccination rate; mask requirements to be retired in two weeks.

Monday – UK grand reopening pushed back by four weeks.

This time last year – “a quarter of the year” working from home.. Lots of discussion about re-opening, and second waves.

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