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Weekend – more discussion on a booster or top up for vaccines. Who needs it; when it needs to be given.

Weekly from The Seattle Times; concerning jump in positive cases.

Starting on Tuesday, July 27, we are reducing the number of days per week that we publish the chart tracking COVID-19 vaccination rates, coronavirus cases and deaths in Washington state. We will publish the chart on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We’re reducing its publication as day-to-day numbers have become relatively consistent. As the spread of the coronavirus changes, we may bring back some removed metrics, or add others, as we find the best balance of information for our readers.

Friday – NSW, Australia in the midst of Delta Variant wave. AP – most unvaccinated American’s won’t take a vaccine. Clearly politicised.

Thursday – “half of European adults” have had vaccine. “Pandemic of the unvaccinated

Wednesday – Fauci calls BS.

Tuesday – Tokyo Olympics running into repeated positive tests, confusion and athlete frustrations. Delayed by a year – maybe this should have been cancelled? Italian blood sample review shows possible Covid-like antibodies from before December 2019.

Monday – “Freedom Day” in the UK. More new UK cases than vaccinations. Lots of concern about hospital intake and of course new variants.

This time last year – more schools moving to online only for September school year. US at >1000 daily deaths. Vaccine positive news.

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