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Weekend – “Worst to come” for UK. 5% of secondary school pupils in the UK had Covid last week. Locally case rates are trending down quite dramatically.

Weekly graphic from The Seattle Times.

Friday – UK continues to see >30k daily cases.

Thursday – we went to our first in-cinema film in over 18 months. Vaccinations required, masks required. Many bars, restaurants and venues are requiring the exact same protocols. This is going to become the “new normal”, and the sooner there is a standardised, non-paper vaccination record the better.

Wednesday – vaccine mandates are controversial; but United Airlines sees >99% vaccinated.

Tuesday – vaccination sites in Seattle and King County are re-opening for vaccine boosters. Lockdown and travel restrictions easing in Auckland, NZ.

Monday – good commentary on the US vaccination program and why it stalled.

This time last year – Trump had COVID, 200k deaths in the US, 1M globally

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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