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Weekend – US rollout of vaccine to kids starting.

Friday – European restrictions on vaccine requirements landing – similar to much of the US and other parts of the world

Thursday – slowly, slowly the UK hospital and death rates are ticking up; slow following the wave of positive cases. Graphic from The Guardian.


WHO: “Europe at center of pandemic” with >500k more deaths to follow.

Wednesday – US to start vaccination of children aged 5-11.

Tuesday – UK death rates climb, multiple European countries reporting new peaks of cases.

Monday – “vax” is the OED word of the year. JHU estimates “at least 5M deaths from Covid”. Australian border re-opens after almost 20 months.

This time last year – US hitting a million new cases per week; this was the build up to the massive, pre-vaccine, spike. Election day. Masks and politics.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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