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If you’ve worked with Azure for any real length of time, there are limitations to what is stored in the Azure Activity Log – both in terms of content and retention.

The solution is to send Azure logs to a Log Analytics Workspace, and retain that for as long as you needed.

Today I needed to dig into an event that occured back in the summer, featuring Bastion. A simple Kusto query with the date range and searchable text got me results in a few moments. Some display filtering of the correct columns got me to a happy place.

// Log Analyics query
search “BastionHost” // search is case-insensitive
| where TimeGenerated between (datetime(2023-06-01) .. datetime(2023-06-15)) // date ranges
| project TimeGenerated, Caller, CorrelationId, SubscriptionId, ResourceGroup, OperationNameValue, Properties_d.resource, ActivityStatusValue
// just show the columns we care about (comment the entire line if you want all)