Blogging and Conferences

Robert Scoble had an interesting post on blogging at Microsoft Professional Developers Conference:

A new kind of conference experience from the inside

You know, for a conference team, blogs have really changed how we can watch the customer’s experience. We’re hitting the blogs a lot to see what people are reporting. Since there’s 1,000 bloggers here, if there’s a problem it’s very likely to get blogged before we even know about it. The scale of the PDC is just huge. It takes something like 15 minutes to walk from one end of the hall to the other and really the customer experience is all over the city. If you aren’t having a good experience in your hotel, for instance, it reflects poorly on the conference. Often times we can help if we know but in the old days a conference team wouldn’t be able to see these kinds of problems in real time.

Interesting. I’ll see how many people are here at BrainShare Barcelona blogging – certainly this looks interesting for BrainShare in SLC next year.

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  1. If you hear/see of anyone blogging, please report! So far I can see, I was the only one blogging the SLC show ( I´d´ve blogged Barcelona, too, but by boss wouldn´t pay for it, so… 🙁

  2. Bert – sorry you couldn’t get here.

    I’ll try and get a list of people blogging – I think this would be a great project for BrainShare in SLC in 2006!

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