PGP and my brick of a laptop

Somehow my PGP passphrase got corrupted; there’s no way back.

PGP support tried – but my brick of a laptop needs a rebuild.

I was disappointed at how seemingly fragile the passphrase piece is; the support guy at PGP said he’d never seen it before.


Back to a new build; if it happens again I’ll be somewhat upset..

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  1. Kennon

    I was using whole disk encryption; it’s a lot cleaner with PGP than with using the encryption with ext3 or reiser.

    Also – I have applications that need Windows.

    Finally – I run Vista so I can talk to customers about their own plans and experience with this new platform.

  2. Since you’re already running Vista, I’d recommend switching to BitLocker Drive Encryption. You can create a recovery password on a removable USB or escrow it to AD.

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