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Weekend – the never ending grim news from India. Oxygen shortages, oxygen being moved from steel plants to hospitals, dead and dying, overwhelmed and collapsing healthcare. Over half of UK population have had first vaccination. Real concern about runaway Covid in India; and the risk of the “one variant” that escapes and starts this all over again.

Usual weekly from The Seattle Times. Lots of positive cases; more than Summer 2020; positive test rate is right up too. Lots still to do here.

Friday – Today the Seattle Times was not paywalled. Interesting read on the Brazil variant running through Latin America; and the India variants. Japan cases surge; Olympics at risk again. Left – Global daily cases are galloping towards 1M per day, Right – the India case numbers are heartbreaking – “a wall”. From JHU. This also from the BBC in Indian healthcare crisis following these cases.

Global casesIndia cases

Thursday – 314K cases today in India. New variant BV-1 in Texas. Washington State in wave 4.


Wednesday – India – not a wave, a wall of cases. My second Pfizer shot. The beginning of the end? I hope so; I expect annual shots just like the flu. US meets 200M shots in 100 days. Phenomenal.


Tuesday – The Seattle Times seems to have reverted back to the paywall for Covid news. I’ll see if this is few days or a more permanent change.

Monday – daughter back at High School for the first in-person classes since last March. Social distancing, one-way traffic, masks required, half of the numbers. It is a start back to normalcy. Fauci calls out Republican vaccine deniers as hurting efforts to lift restrictions. Turkey, India have huge case numbers.

This time last year – tide pods, bleach injections, general idiocy. We did a roadtrip to buy our first 50lb bag of flour.

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