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Weekend – Washington State positive case rates are down. Vaccination is continuing at around 50k per day.

Weekend stats from The Seattle Times.

Note: DOH will not have updated data online through the weekend (May 22-23) due to scheduled maintenance.

Friday – Mask use in stores is really inconsistent. REI – masks required, PCC – masks optional.

King County rates are really clearly below the Phase 2/Phase 3 boundary. Ballsy call by Gov Inslee – but proved correct.


Thursday – Potentially a half day “in the office” next week, with a vaccinated coworker, for planning and whiteboard. Exciting times! New York State offering lottery tickets to encourage vaccination.

Wednesday – Discussions on vaccine passports; mobility and opening up. India, Brazil, Mexico still showing huge numbers of cases and deaths.

Tuesday – In Europe – the conversation is about vaccination and returning to normal. UK Border Patrol predict “4-6 hour waits for immigration” because of the vaccine passport checking.

Monday – India variant – and the UK is looking closely at moving back to partial, regional lockdowns.

This time last year – US entering the second wave. Exams, work, politics.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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