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Weekend – “97% of new COVID cases in King County are from unvaccinated” – the virus is now infecting a smaller and smaller pool. That pool is broadly consisting of black and latino populations who have been historically lacking access to good healthcare options. The second group is white, Republican voters. Different approaches to reach both groups – outreach, local vaccination teams, making it quick and easy for the first. Education for the second.

UK is seeing a real uptick in numbers from the Delta variant, reported to be 40% more transmissible.

Usual weekly snapshot from The Seattle Times. Vaccination rate sharply down.

Friday – our first sports event in over 450 days. Masked; wristbands for vaccinated; vaccinated only areas. The Seattle Storm did this well, it felt safe. Still tiny number of people present. As for the game – Storm won in the last second of overtime.


Thursday – UK is in the uptick of a third wave. Hammer and Dance time again. Will the politicians go with data or popularity of reopening instead?

Wednesday – good read from The Guardian on rural, red, America – and vaccine reluctance, mask avoidance – and exploding COVID cases.

Tuesday – India seems to have peaked in new cases; looking at >10M vaccinations per day by July. That’s still three months to vaccinate enough to break the cycle.

Monday – “speed up second jabs” in the UK, UK in early stages of third wave. Bank Holiday weekend in the UK – and plenty of folk out, about, unmasked. Same here in the US with Memorial Day. WHO names variants – UK/Kent “Alpha”, South Africa “Beta”, Brazil “Gamma”, India “Delta” – to avoid regional stigma. Washington State still has patchy vaccination rates; closely correlated to voting intent.

COVID-19 Data Dashboard :: Washington State Department of Health


This time last year – Curfew in Issaquah, Seattle. BLM protests, parallel violence and police response.

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