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Weekend – is the Delta variant the one that breaks out? Half of adults infected in Israel with Delta were fully vaccinated. WHO still recommending masks. Sydney NSW in lockdown. Delta variant may be outpacing vaccination.

Usual data from The Seattle Times.

Friday – the stories emerging about the pandemic response last year are incredible. Here’s another.

Thursday – AP: “Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated“. That UK cases graph – wave four; vast majority is Delta variant; unvaccinated or single shot folk.


Wednesday – first large event

Tuesday – forecasts of record breaking heat in the Pacific Northwest, unheard of highs. Pandemic related? Tangentially: from last week “Drought is the next pandemic“. I read “When the Rivers Run Dry” by Fred Pearce many moons ago.

Monday – More thought on “when to stop” this summary. I think soon. This was always intended as a medium to document the personal and local impacts of COVID – and with >80% vaccinated locally – this is return to normal. Move just a few miles to more rural parts of the county – and vaccination rates are much lower. From The Seattle Times: “The lower rates in these areas likely reflect the more conservative political outlook of many residents, who may have a greater degree of vaccine skepticism.”

This time last year – I just noticed this was still “COVID – work from home” – with an expectation of a return to office at any point in the future. Huge surge in the US, UK re-opening too early.

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