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Weekend – The Seattle Times seems to be cutting back on daily updates; the graphic (below) is now updated a few times per week; and for the second week no Sunday summaries. Here in Seattle bars and restaurants are starting to self-impose “vaccination required” to enter. Florida and Texas continue to see record cases. Fauci warns “things will get worse”.

Friday – this seems very similar to last summer; except that the new outbreaks and deaths are all in the non-vaccinated parts of the country.

Thursday – US Eviction ban ends this weekend. 6.4M Americans are late on rent payments.

Wednesday – Tokyo cases at all time high. Olympic Games still progressing with few new cases. Israel approves Pfizer vaccine for some children 5-11. Mask mandates returning across the US.

Tuesday – much discussion of State and Federal worker mandated vaccination.

Monday – UK cases from Delta variant; look to be a sharp peak; rapid rise, rapid fall.

This time last year – after five months the rhythm of daily updates was set. US cases flattening. Initial fiscal impact of COVID >$320BN.

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