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Weekend – King County is exploding with new cases. Data from King County Health: Key indicators of COVID-19 activity – King County Incidence rates are about where they were in November, before the vaccines. The overwhelming majority of these cases are in unvaccinated people.

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There are areas (Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, Kirkland, parts of Seattle) with vaccination completion at >90%. The majority of the county is at >70%. There are some very specific outliers in South King County and the more rural parts. There is strong evidence showing this is both via race/ethnicity; as well as political allegiance.


Friday – Away from the PNW for a moment – and Delta driven cases are surging everywhere. UK, France, Japan, Thailand. The huge concern is a new variant being vaccine resistant; I’ve written about this for over a year. Lambda variant, first detected in Peru, looks to be of concern. Still flagged as a Variant of Interest; if not this one – then soon.

Thursday – Covid test results back – negative (phew!).


Wednesday – There is a surge in Covid cases in King County – and there are no appointments to be had for days. Eventually went to the UW/Bellevue drive through testing without an appointment, and got tested. Very busy.

Tuesday – Notified by the WA Notify app that I was potentially exposed to Covid. Concerning because working from home, carefully masking when out, avoiding crowds – and still someone was within 6 feet/2m for >15 minutes; and tested positive.


Monday – Delta surge, back to school and already we have children sick and dying in the US. Delta related cases and deaths soar across the globe – Philippines, Iran, Europe. IPCC report on Climate Change bumps Covid from the headlines.

This time last year – UK quarantine chaos (nothing changes), work from home “for at least six months”.

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