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Weekend – we’ve been out a few times in the last month – and every time it’s been to vaccination required, masks required venues. Bands, movies, sports. This is going to become the new normal; and it’s been made easier with the higher vaccination rates in the Seattle area.

In Washington State, positive cases are declining. In King County >80% adults and around 70% of all residents are fully vaccinated.

Friday – Good numbers coming from US CDC about vaccination numbers – but it’s still very skewed.

Thursday – flu shot. Good line of folk getting first, second or booster Covid vaccines.

Wednesday – flu shot booked for tomorrow, reported shortages.

Tuesday – UK still at >30k cases per day, 100k kids off school.

Monday – Russia urging vaccinations. Booster shots live in the US.

This time last year – the beginning of the massive Covid ramp in the UK.

I wrote this week retrospectively; so shorter notes.

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