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Weekend – vaccine mandates are on, off, on again – with court cases across the US and Europe. Meanwhile CDC moves away from getting to herd immunity – meaning breakouts, variants and Covid becoming an endemic disease.

Weekly update from The Seattle Times.

Friday –

Thursday – case numbers plateauing in Washington State; rising elsewhere in the US again. Austria discusses “lockdown for the non vaccinated”, The Netherlands warns of new lockdowns. Continued legal challenges against vaccine mandates for staff.

Wednesday – the roll call of cases and deaths continues across Europe and Russia.

Tuesday – US Government (via the NIH) and Moderna arguing around patents.

Monday – this week I’ll get a booster, as will the eldest child. Moderna for both – so Pfizer-Pfizer-Moderna. International travel restrictions into the US start being lifted.

This time last year – post election, lots of new cases, folk urged not to travel for Thanksgiving. 1M new cases in the US per week.

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