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Weekend – potential for Ukraine invasion has bumped Covid reporting off the Guardian for the weekend. Second booster shot being considered. Queen tests positive for COVID.

Weekly infographic from The Seattle Times shows rapidly falling positive cases, and the overwhelming variant at the end of January was Omicron. Mask mandates are going away rapidly.

Friday – Omicron wave reaches South Korea. Building concern around Omicron variant BA.2 – this from BBC early in February.

Thursday – continued re-opening in the US. Washington State and King County removing mask mandates.

Wednesday – Omicron keeps heading east, across Europe, in it’s wake countries are emerging from and lifting most restrictions.

Tuesday – Canada, US, Europe – "protest convoys" and what looks to be some pretty major astroturfing.

Monday – Microsoft announce a broad plan to return to the office; most employees have been at home for two years. Flexible working will be the new normal.

This time last year – mutations, variants, "over by Christmas" which could have been the case in so many ways.

This time 2020 – still in the office, still looking at the handful of cases emerging in Washington State and New York. Regular, weekly blogging started in March 2020.

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