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COVID – week 32 of work from home – Oct 19 – Oct 25

Slightly changing the title of the post to reflect this is week 32 of working from home; week 43 of 2020.

Weekend – Victoria, Australia flaring up again. UK urging “fresh air”, and this in the Seattle Times about Friluftsliv.

Weekly graph for Washington State, from the Seattle Times.

Friday – “3M cases in Spain” – 3x reported number. Multiple lockdowns across Europe. 80k + daily cases in the US.

That UK curve.


Thursday – Curfew and lockdown orders across Europe. US State numbers growing.

Wednesday – So many European countries in escalating cases. UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy.

Tuesday – Manchester/NW England facing lockdown enforcement.

Monday – 40M global cases. “Tsunami” of cases in Belgium and across Europe. 48 US States with increasing cases.

I found this too:

The Seattle Times The Guardian
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25 Oct

Week 32 – Oct 12 – Oct 18

Weekend – misleading Tweets from Trump removed. US cases up in 48 States. Early voting continues despite distancing.

Weekly summary of Washington State cases:

Friday – local outbreak of COVID-19 at Harborview Hospital in Seattle. Continued reporting of massive European case surges. US Thanksgiving could be another superspreader weekend. 8M cases in the US. 220k deaths. 400k new global cases today.

Thursday – Remdesivir doesn’t prevent COVID deaths. UK lockdowns continuing amidst much confusion and pushback.

Wednesday – multiple WA counties improve – and start opening back up. 38M global cases. Watched Totally Under Control last night.

Tuesday – this looks a lot like March – with rapidly climbing positive cases across the globe. The only difference being rather than 30k cases per day it’s 300k cases per day. US daily cases is a classic fast, slow, fast pattern.


Monday – continued mixed behaviour from Senators – masks, positive tests, no masks, video attendance. French declare second wave is here. J&J vaccine trial paused.

The Seattle Times The Guardian
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13 Oct here here
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Week 31 – Oct 5 – Oct 11

Weekend – “Trump immune to Covid” claim; Twitter removes tweet. Midwest cases climb. UK cases huge rise. UK at “tipping point”

Chart showing daily confirmed cases remain high

Weekly update from Washington State via The Seattle Times.

Friday – 350k new cases globally. New cases accelerating – similar to the spring.

Thursday – record global rise in new cases, clearly we are in the midst of a new wave. Serious hospital cases are the lagging indicator – and ICUs are filling rapidly across Europe and the US.

Wednesday – very much the two sides of the coronavirus story. Europe and US with increasing cases, lockdown and protests. White House coronavirus spreading and the (mis)information being spread about that. Scotland cancels 2021 exams. BBC summary.

Tuesday – the slow moving second wave continues to break over Europe. French ICU, Ireland Level 5, UK lockdowns.

Monday – more cases in the WH. Continued confusion over Trump’s health and care regime. Ireland heading for total lockdown. Cases rising across the US.

The Seattle Times The Guardian
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Week 30 – Sep 28 – Oct 4

Weekend – truly incredible the speed that “Trump has COVID” to “Trump is in Walter Reed” progressed. More of the WH and Senate are positive. Record COVID case increases across the midwest and west US.

Here in Washington State, cases are picking up again. Visuals from the Seattle Times.

Friday – Trump has COVID, as have many in the WH. Masks and distancing work.

Thursday – fare collection starts back up on public transport in Seattle/King County after six months.

Wednesday – Italian Senate closes as multiple senators test positive. Most of Europe in the grip of rising cases.

Tuesday – AFP reports “60M Indians with COVID”

Monday – Week 30. 1M deaths globally from COVID-19. Over 200K in the US. Refresh of the milestones since January from the BBC. BBC daily summaries removed.

The Seattle Times The Guardian
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