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COVID – week 57 – Apr 12 – Apr 18

Friday – “Pandemic fatigue” is the zeitgeist – and as a result cases are surging.

Thursday – more reporting on the politics behind vaccines. Red vs Blue states. Voting history being a strong correlation to intent to vaccinate.

Wednesday – J&J and AstraZeneca tests being stopped or delayed. Increasing positive tests globally – UK, France, India, US; here in Washington State I am sure this is another wave slowly breaking. If so – it’s going to be another summer of restrictions. Graph from The Seattle Times.


Tuesday – six blood clot cases from millions of doses; yet the J&J vaccine is being delayed. Two WA counties are moved back to Phase 2 of reopening; King County was close to being pushed backed.

Monday – UK reduces lockdown. Long queues for shops, bars, haircuts. WHO: Pandemic “a long way from over”.

This time last year was “week 6” – and at work we were discussion what return to work would look like. Ran my first Zoom meeting with online voting for 5th LD Dems. “Reopen America” was trending.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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COVID – week 56 – Apr 5 – Apr 11

Weekend – India, Iran, Brazil are the next breaking wave.

This time last year the UK was in the midst of a major wave – with NHS staff bearing the brunt of a lack of PPE, space and resources. Boris was in ICU. School was also “out until September” and it was almost a month working from home.

P1 variant (Brazil) is running rife through Whistler, BC and now beyond. Good list of variants here. I’m still thinking an annual Covid booster to go along with flu.

B1.1.7 – aka UK variant – 74% more transmissible; 64% more virulent
P1 – eek/E484k and others – 152% more transmissible; 45% more virulent

Clearly a rising rate of positive tests in Washington State. Some shocking disparity in vaccination rates – that seem to align with voting intent.

Friday – Delays to J&J vaccine shipping. J&J now under investigation for platelet/clotting issues. UCL claims UK heading for herd immunity; disputed.

Thursday – more restrictions on AstraZeneca vaccine. WHO warn of fourth wave in the UK; even with massive vaccine drive.

Wednesday – after weeks of bad press and the UK pushing forward with vaccinations – the UK regulator says “no AstraZeneca vaccine for under 30s“. Meanwhile the entire vaccine supply chain is running well in the US – City of Seattle alone will deliver >30k doses this week. Biden calls for “all adults to be offered the vaccine by 19 April” – that’s testament to the manufacturing, distribution and last mile working well.

Tuesday – France, Canada clearly in another major wave. Multiple locations flagging the E484K “eek” variant as being especially virulent and evasive. That’s the Brazil/South Africa variant.

Monday – more AstraZeneca woes – this time the UK is considering not using it for under 30s because of the blood clotting risks. UK lifting more lockdown; certainly the numbers are lowering quickly. US news – wave 4 is certainly here. “The United States has entered a fourth wave of transmission, and there’s no disputing this. Whether it remains as small regional outbreaks, or whether it generalizes nationwide remains to be seen,” Dr. George Rutherford, a UC San Francisco epidemiologist, said Friday at a campus town hall meeting.


The Guardian The Seattle Times
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COVID – week 55 – Mar 29 – Apr 4

Weekend – continued reports that Covid is spreading faster than vaccines can be administered; meanwhile it’s spring break – and there are just too many folk travelling and not wearing masks. 60k+ cases per day in the US still. In King County, WA “If cases continues to climb over the next week or two, the county may return to the more-limited Phase 2 of the reopening plan”.

The US daily cases graph from JHU (see below) certainly seems like the start of another uptick. Canada describing a third wave (the first two are really “the first”). “As variants spread, Covid is killing faster and younger,” said Dr Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of Ontario’s Covid-19 science advisory table.

US gets 4M+ vaccines in a day; average of over 3M per day for the week. Very good news. Almost half of the UK has had one shot of a vaccine.

Here The Seattle Times has the weekly update. Certainly a clear uptick in positive cases in the State. I have zero confidence that this will be contained; it’s going to be another wave, another lockdown.

Friday – much discussion on “coronavirus passports”, privacy, technology and inclusion.

Thursday – AstraZenaca still in the news; bloodclots, halted for under 60s in the Netherlands. France, Belgium, Germany continue to fight through a new massive wave. Variants are more transmissible.

Wednesday – Pfizer vaccine for me. Thousands of people getting vaccinated in Seattle.


Tuesday – Back to Western Europe for rising cases. Netherlands, France, Germany still fighting with variants and rising numbers.

Monday – my first vaccination scheduled for Wednesday; that will make both adults in the house having had one shot. Two shots done by end of April. Meanwhile US wide cases are rising; WA cases are rising; Brazil and much of Europe is in the midst of another wave. I don’t see any of the restrictions being really removed until 2022. WHO origins of COVID report is going to stir up some more politics.

US cases – from JHU – is that the start of a fourth wave across the country?


I suspect that, after a year, The Seattle Times daily updates are back behind the paywall.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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COVID – week 54 – Mar 22 – Mar 28

Weekend – clear signs and reporting of another wave. Brazil is still a tragedy; US is racing to immunize; half the population seem to be out and about.

Weekly summary of Washington State cases from The Seattle Times. That positive rate picking up; and the number of cases still being around 1000 per day is really sad. Nowhere close to being done with this.

For the first time; The Seattle Times daily COVID news is “below the fold” on the website.

Friday – a story of multiple parts. Declining cases in the US and UK; another wave building in Europe. Is the US about to follow? Certainly looking at the rates there’s a lot of folk without masks, spring break, kids back at school, more virulent variants running wild. April will be interesting – have 200M vaccinations beaten the spread? I hope so.

Thursday – EU vaccine production and distribution woes. What should have been a triumph of the commons is coming unraveled quickly.

Wednesday – the story of vaccine chasers – I have colleagues who did exactly this; showed up at end of day and got vaccinated.

Tuesday – AstraZeneca in the news again; blood clots; approvals; export restrictions.

Monday – the tragedy of timing continues. Looks like a major wave is about to break over most of Europe; looking at the rates in the US I think there will be regional waves too. Germany looking at closing all stores; Poland talking about closing churches. New variants are more virulent and affect younger people. Lockdown fatigue – and here in Washington State we may be seeing a similar up-tick. Time will tell.


The Guardian The Seattle Times
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More Kusto

You can tell where I’ve been working by the Kusto queries against Azure Resource Graph that I leave behind.

All Azure VNets and subnets, with subnet details:

// get all Azure VNETS and SUBNETS with associated subnets


| join kind=leftouter (ResourceContainers | where type==’microsoft.resources/subscriptions’ | project SubName=name, subscriptionId) on subscriptionId

| where type == “”

| mv-expand subs=properties.subnets

| extend subnetname =

| extend subnetprefix=

| extend vnetprefix = substring(tostring(properties.addressSpace.addressPrefixes),2,strlen(tostring(properties.addressSpace.addressPrefixes))-4)

| project SubName, resourceGroup, name, vnetprefix, subnetname, subnetprefix

| sort by SubName, resourceGroup asc, name

This one for pulling back network security groups and metadata (this was originally at Thomas Balkeståhl’s blog) – tidied up:


| where type =~ “”

| join kind=leftouter (ResourceContainers | where type==’microsoft.resources/subscriptions’ | project SubName=name, subscriptionId) on subscriptionId

| mv-expand rules=properties.securityRules

| extend direction = tostring(

| extend priority = toint(

| extend description =

| extend destprefix =

| extend destport =

| extend sourceprefix =

| extend sourceport =

| extend subnet_name = split((split(tostring(properties.subnets), ‘/’))[10], ‘”‘)[0]

| project SubName, resourceGroup, subnet_name, name, direction, priority, destprefix, destport, sourceprefix, sourceport, description

| sort by SubName, resourceGroup asc, name, direction asc, priority asc