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COVID work from home – week 7 – 20 April – 26 April

Weekend – baking, “Fifty Shades of Grain” project. Confusion, angst, anger over relaxation/return to work. 20k deaths in hospitals in the UK.

Friday – drinking/injecting Lysol fallout still ongoing. Off to buy 50lb of bread flour from the mill.

Thursday – well – that might be the end of regular BBC daily rolling summaries. I just can’t find a daily link. WA State Emergency Management had to issue this (a little tongue in cheek)


Wednesday – up early, check emails, new morning ritual is to find the BBC latest news link and post it to the table below. It’s a pain to find retrospectively.

Good chat with the kids about “flatten the curve” and calculus (who doesn’t like some more maths during home-school?) – area under the curve stays constant. Same number of cases; hopefully the peak is lower so there are less deaths. Second wave is going to be brutal.

18k deaths in UK hospitals; at some point the non-hospital deaths are going to be tallied. That will be a sizable number.

Continued discussion about “back to work” and what that might look like. I think cohorts, optional wfh will be the new norm.

Tuesday – 2.5 million global cases, 171k deaths. Trump puts immigration ban in place for 60 days, Green Card holders included. Plenty of fact checking going on.

Monday – it’s nearly May. That means working from home for most of March and all of April.

Negative oil prices (based on future contracts and the need to move crude). I half-joked that negative oil pricing was a story prompt for post-apocalyptic fiction. The Economist had an article several years ago that Russia needed oil >$80 to be viable. June forward looks stable at $20-$25/barrel.

Anti-lockdown protests look like some astroturfing.

No updates from me regarding the WA DOH data – it’s been really challenging – and I’ve found more success with other sources.

Seattle Times has a good summary (read the text)

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 6 – 13 April – 19 April

Weekend – good reporting from The Seattle Times  and ProPublica around the Seattle Sounders game in early March that I decided not to attend. Coronavirus spiking in Yakima and other Eastern WA locations.


Friday – the week went quickly. I didn’t write daily notes. Sixth week of working from home. Lots of graphs plotting the rate of new cases around the globe – this peak seems to be over in many locations. Much discussion at work about what return to work could look like. My best guess is to reduce density there’s going to need to be at least A/B cohorts; and keep them together (i.e A is Mon/Tue, B is Wed/Thu, Fri work from home) so you don’t cross contaminate groups.

BBC News has a horrible search; also searching for “yesterdays live coverage” is really hard.

Thursday – heavy pollen triggering massive allergies for some. Industrial food has caused some hotspots in meat processing plants. There’s a potential shortage of meat coming.

Wednesday – Trump de-funds WHO. 15% funding lost on a pique. 2 million global cases of coronavirus. WA state positive tests peaked on 28 March.

Ran a Zoom meeting for 5th LD Dems with online voting to confirm endorsements. More folk online than would come to a regular meeting. Maybe this is how we run meetings in the future?

Tuesday – “Reopen America” is trending

Monday – I have to admit – the work week (and to an extent the weekends) are becoming somewhat of a blur. This week should be Spring Break; normally we would have headed away for a few days. Instead everyone is at home.

Kids are into the routine of school in the morning, doing something creative and constructive in the afternoon. Today they made dinner and baked challah bread.

Trump press briefing is just trash.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 5 – 6 April – 12 April

Weekend – sunny and blue skies. Would be a perfect start to spring break in any other year. 10k deaths in UK hospitals, UK projected to be worst hit country in Europe. NHS frontline staff are sick. US hits 20k deaths and a long way to go.

Huge lines across various food banks across the US. Millions of jobs just disappeared in March.

Baked bread Saturday, foccacia planned for Sunday.

Friday – the kids are responding as well as can be expected to the news that school is out until September. Missing friends, missing social interaction, distance learning is not the same. Zoom sucks; Teams is better (their words). A proliferation of websites and logins for each class.

Almost 1000 deaths in 24 hours in the UK. Trump want’s to “reopen the US” – which will mean another massive spike.

Thursday – workday 26 at home. Routine. Without the rhythm of the office every day seems quite similar.

Noticeable differences: no planes in the sky, no contrails because of that, less roadnoise, you can really hear birds and the occasional barking dog.

1.5 million cases globally; that’s 500k new cases in six days. Log curve of new is flattening – but a long, long way to go.

Wednesday – 7000 hospital deaths in the UK. Good to see hospital vs home called out here. Still a shocking death toll. 938 deaths today. US sees 1800 deaths on Tuesday. 100 Days That Changed The World.

Tuesday – Boris still in ICU. Lots of conjecture on how ill he is.

Monday – multiple BBC websites are throwing 404 errors. Looks like a problem with their content system. 51k UK cases, 5.3k deaths. 331k cases in US, 9k deaths. The wave is yet to break.


Wearing of masks is “strongly recommended”. New cases and deaths (leading/trailing indicators) falling in Italy, Spain and WA state.

Boris in ICU. WA state triage exercise from 2018.

No school until September.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 4 – 30 March – 5 April

Sunday – hopefully another sunny day. Time for some gardening, fresh air and sun! US has around 25% of the total global cases of COVID19 that have been reported.

Good longer read from The Seattle Times on the early days of the pandemic in WA.

It is exactly one calendar month since I worked in the office. Kids came out of school on 12 March.

Saturday – shopping for groceries and some manure for the garden. Sun is out. Shortages, empty shelves, rationing in the stores and distancing everywhere. About 50% of the folk out are now wearing masks.


That daily increase chart 100k new positive cases globally. Today. That’s more cases reported today than reported by the whole of Hubei province.


Friday – 684 deaths in the UK. Over 1000 in the US. This is a numbing scale of death. Nightingale Hospital London opened. The Queen will address the nation on Sunday.

Thursday – head down and working. Today the total global cases ticket over 1 million. 240k in the US. WA DOH still have no updated data.

Wednesday – WA DOH are getting heat about data ingress and reporting. No updates. PowerBI is updated, table view is back. Data is now three days stale with issues from the previous week.

883k postive cases reported globally. 190k in USA. Trump pivot to “240k dead by May“. 563 deaths in UK today.

Tuesday – back into the rhythm of work from home. Calls, lunch with the kids, talk about the day, dinner.

WA DOH data hasn’t been updated for days. Power BI move seems to have stalled at 28/March.

The Department of Health is committed to continued data transparency.
We are working to ensure daily numbers are posted on time. Here’s some context about recent challenges:
 The Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS) is used to report notifiable conditions.
 Outside a pandemic, only positive results would be reported.
 WDRS is now tracking negative results for COVID-19. This volume is overwhelming the tool.
 We have worked with the vendor supporting WDRS to increase capacity.
 We are also investigating additional solutions, which may include:
o A separate reporting tool for negative results (roughly 93% of the data at this time).
o Automating deduplication work performed manually each day. One day last week, more than 2,000 duplicate results were removed to ensure accurate, reliable numbers.
DOH will share additional updates if this problem persists. We cannot provide an estimate for the next release of numbers, but are working diligently toward that goal.
This week, DOH made several new data points available. Our website now includes visualizations showing confirmed cases, the epidemiological curve, cumulative case and death counts, testing numbers, and demographic information. Also coming soon is hospitalization data.
We are working closely with Microsoft to optimize the user experience for this data, including for those without a high-speed connection or those working from a mobile device.

NHS sees extreme shortages. 381 deaths in UK today. 

Monday – the start of the fourth full week of isolation and work from home. At some point there are two items of housekeeping I need to do:

  • re-order these posts so they read in reverse chronological order (newest at the top, oldest at the bottom)
  • re-work the WA DOH model that I have, to use PowerBI and also align the data boundaries to the new midnight cutoffs coming from WA DOH.

WA DOH data still has gaps – I think the new visualisation and reporting will make this more consistent – but there are a few days of holes:


Kids are still home. There are pitchfork mobs ready for Issaquah School District – there are some awful folk on social media. 1284 deaths in the UK.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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Maintenance night – SLES 12 SP5 updates on Azure.

zypper patch-check

zypper migration

Nice and easy.

Side note – if products somehow get unregistered:

zypper pd

SUSEConnect -p sle-module-legacy/12/x86_64

COVID work from home – week 3 – 23 – 29 March

Sunday – Fauci predicts 100-200k deaths in US. WA DOH moved to PowerBI – looks to be developed by Microsoft IT – which is nice.

Saturday – “Best case, 20k deaths” in UK. 50% survival in ICU however. Closed borders, Brexit – no one to pick fruit and veg. Military field hospitals being built in Seattle.

Will need to head out for groceries later. Ended up travelling to Vashon Island to get car license plates done. Empty ferry and curbside pickup for food.

Friday – Boris has the COVID19. Took the car in to the dealership. Was told a story of “police checkpoints” in Issaquah. Mailed the mayor – it’s obviously complete BS. US at 97k cases and skyrocketing. 969 deaths today in Italy. $2T stimulus coming.


Thursday – the scale of pandemic in the US is becoming clear. Visually seeing the spread, county by county is chilling. NY state has 31k cases, 285 deaths. There is no PPE. 3.3 million file unemployment.


WA DOH finally got test data out for today. Gaps in total tests for Tue/Wed – which doesn’t help the trend analysis.


ExCeL exhibition center in London being fitted out as a 4000 bed hospital “NHS Hospital Nightingale” – NEC next. Tomorrow is three weeks of enforced working from home. NHS tributes are moving.

Wednesday – Prince Charles tests positive. Home testing kits for the UK. JHU dashboard! 100k cases in two days (compare below with above). $2T stimulus passing.


Tuesday – JHU dashboard jumped from ~365k to over ~415k. The global growth is huge; most from the US. NYC is hot. Work from home/school from home is settling into a rhythm. Up on time, breakfast, work/study, lunch, freetime for the kids. Having lunch together is really helping as a keystone of the day. WA DOH data missing the negative test data again.

Monday – @wsdot_traffic updated the message boards on the major highways. Traffic is exceptionally light. Watching the unfolding NYC horror.


The JHU dashboard looks to have an update – showing US counties now. Also looks to have removed the China/ROW from the confirmed/increase charts. US spread is explosive – major metro areas, small outbreaks following the interstates. New cases at >30k per day now.  Italy new cases rate is dropping. South Korea new cases lowest in weeks.

It took 67 days from the first reported case to reach the first 100,000 cases of Covid-19, but it took only 11 days for the second 100,000 cases, and just four days for the third 100,000 cases, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said.


UK FCO calls for Britons to return home – there may not be commercial flights within “days”. UK now in enforced lockdown.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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