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Ubiquiti NVR and cameras – solving adoption woes

Finally Ubiquiti got their supply chains started up – and I sprung for the Ubiquiti NVR and a set of cameras.

The cameras look great (I’ll update with some photos later), at first glance looking well made and quite solid.

Getting them “adopted” by the NVR was a real pain. Two were discovered immediately, the other two.. well here’s my reminder post on that.

My troubleshooting list:

  • usual POE fun: port status, POE injector status, cable swap.
  • is the camera online, IP address?
  • port scan of the camera, are tcp22, tcp80 (ssh/web) open?
  • web browse to the camera, can you log in?
  • physical reset of the cameras (paper clip, 10 seconds, reboot)
  • set the upstream NVR manually through the camera config

This was buried on the Ubiquiti support site:

UniFi Protect – Adopt devices – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center