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COVID work from home – week 18 – 6 July – 12 July

Friday – international travel restrictions starting to ease in Europe. Runaway cases in the US.

Thursday – 60k daily cases in the US. TX, AZ, FL worst hit. They opened early.

Wednesday – International students must return home for remote learning.

Tuesday – US gives notice to exit WHO, 10k cases/day in CA, virus could be airborne. Bolsonaro positive test. Masks required again in WA.

Monday – Texas warns of overwhelmed hospitals; US deaths over 130k.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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11 July
12 July

COVID work from home – week 17 – 29 June – 5 July

Weekend – July 4th. No fireworks, no parades, no festival in Issaquah. Continued long slow climb in positive daily cases in WA state. 2.8M cases in the US, accelerating numbers. 130K deaths. Lockdowns return in Spain, India, Kazakhstan.

Friday – many stories of tens/hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 survivors with crippling long term health issues.

Thursday – lack of lockdown discipline caused virus explosion.

Wednesday – Leicester back into lockdown; huge growth via factories in the East of the city. 

Chart showing Leicester had a new infection rate three times that of anywhere else

Tuesday – “US has way too much virus” and “There is a general anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country”. Dr Fauci predicts “100k daily cases” in the US.

Monday – The worst still to come, pandemic accelerating say the WHO.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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I need to look for a “better” solution to PHP and SLES.

I understand the balancing act between long term support, backporting patches etc – and that’s why SLES has been such a good friend.

I’d just love WordPress and other apps to stop griping about older versions of PHP.

Working with Zoom API using PowerShell

More to come on this – here’s my placeholder to do a cleaner write up.


[Zoom] – OAUTH – API – PowerShell – Excel

Great Zoom PowerShell module from Joseph McEvoy

Quick and dirty PowerShell to read meeting registrants and values of custom questions.

$ZoomRegistrants = Get-ZoomMeetingRegistrants [meetingid] -pagesize 300

$reghashtable = $zoomregistrants.registrants

$outputs = $reghashtable |foreach-object {
return [pscustomobject]@{
     regtime = “$($_.create_time)”
     email = “$($”
     fname = “$($_.first_name)”
     lname = “$($_.last_name)”
     member = “$($_.custom_questions.value[0])”
     pco = “$($_.custom_questions.value[1])”
     campaign = “$($_.custom_questions.value[2])”

$outputs | convertto-csv

COVID work from home – week 16 – 22 June – 28 June

Weekend – “cases surge” in US sun belt states. Another delve into Google search to find the missing Saturday BBC update.

Now over 10MM global cases – and the daily cases is quickly picking up again. Sustained 170k new cases per day.

US new cases is massive – 40k plus per day. Even comparing against Tuesday this is horrific. Again – from JHU.


Weekly update from The Seattle Times. That long slow uptick in cases looks to be mainly from Yakima county. Moving average of around 400 cases/day – which is similar to early April.

Friday – 40k daily cases in the US, TX bars ordered to close. The status quo isn’t working. Social distancing and wearing a mask does. VP Pence claims “US Progress” which is not clear.

Thursday – UK sun – and tens of thousands crowding beaches. US cases continue to climb. 

Wednesday – over 9M global positive cases; 500K deaths.

Tuesday – WA Statewide requirement to wear masks in public. Booming cases in Yakima county and broad uptick across the state.

Global daily cases is growing; US daily cases dipped in May after the NY outbreak slowed; but is now picking up again. Back at March/April new cases rates. Graphs from JHU.


Monday – UK starts to open up fully. UK considers social distancing change from 2m to 1m.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 15 – 15 June – 21 June

Weekend – WHO reports 150k new cases globally on Thursday. Almost 9M reported cases. 2.2M in US.

Usual weekend update via The Seattle Times.

Friday – UK alert system lowered, King county (and Issaquah) move to Phase 2 of reopening. Meanwhile cases are picking up again and WHO warns against a new danger. Virus detected in sewage water from Turin and Milan that was collected in December.

Thursday – contact tracing is hard. Contact tracing with untested mobile applications is even harder. Google and Apple built a framework; UK NHS decided otherwise. It doesn’t work.

Wednesday – WA cases, like in many other states, have ticked upwards. There’s a big argument whether this is more exposure and transmission (warmer weather, folk not distancing, holidays) or through more testing (I don’t believe so). Dexamethasone improves clinical outcomes. No vaccine in sight.

Tuesday – slowly and carefully WA state opens up. King County applies for “Phase 2 reopening”. New Zealand has two cases via travellers from the UK – quarantine testing wasn’t consistent.

Monday – another week. The news continues to oscillate between coronavirus, BLM protests and other news. June gloom (overcast, cool, raining) as always. Looking back – I didn’t think this would be a quarter of the year spent collecting news and data. Looking forward – what is the appropriate update frequency? So much was new and concerning back in early March. That now seems the new normal. Documenting the changes so there is a contemporaneous record I think will be important.

Concerning this morning: new hotspots in Beijing (see yesterday), India and Iran. This looks like a second wave.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 14 – 8 June – 14 June

Weekend – Second wave stories everywhere – US states, Beijing, UK.

UK death rate slowing quickly. Latin America growth; Brazil as epicenter.

Seattle Times data for the week.

Friday – UK GDP shrank by 20% in April. Lots of discussion about the steps needed to “be in the office” to get a task done – VP approval, limited ingress and egress routes, security notification, masks required.

Thursday – the news cycle slowly pivots back to coronavirus. US at more than 2 million positive cases. Contact tracing not working well in the UK – third of positive cases missed.

Wednesday – UK needs planning for return to school in September. Work is looking at “next year” for return.

Another reminder on searching for specific day coronavirus coverage:
The Guardian:

BBC News: and “As it happened”

Tuesday – Somehow my post from this day got deleted – rewrite time. Lots of examples of “early reopening” causing a huge uptick in positive coronavirus cases.


Monday – yes, this is week 14. We will be at day 100.

As we approach the end of the school year (in the Northern hemisphere at least) – eyes are looking forward to school and university return. Still unknown what any of that really looks like.

Good news: Berlin, Paris, Dublin reopening. UK reports lowest coronavirus death toll since 22 March.

Bad news: More reports of moving average positive cases ticking up across multiple US states.

It looks like The Seattle Times have stopped with their live local updates page for coronavirus. I’m not surprised – the massive protests across Seattle have drained their newsroom.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC TheGuardian
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COVID work from home – week 13 – 1 June – 7 June

Weekend – retrospectively – is this the week that changed the US? When will that be clear? Certainly there is a large grass roots outpouring of anger, support and a desire for change. An enormous story that knocked the coronavirus story from the front pages. Ironic (infuriating?) that on the anniversary of D Day that “anti antifa” is the Trump campaign slogan.

Almost two million cases in the US – and still climbing. I expect a pretty rapid rise in the non-distancing states, as well as second waves in others.

More counties opening in Washington state. A slight uptick in positive confirmed cases at the tail end of last week. More testing or a result of folk being out for the sunny weekend at the end of May?

Dozens of coronavirus victims being found weeks after death. That is distressing.

Lowest UK numbers of new cases – and zero deaths in NI and Scotland.

Sunday updates from The Seattle Times

Friday – hydroxychloroquine does not work against coronavirus – again.

Thursday – multiple states reporting upticks in number of cases; aligning closely with the lack of social distancing.

Wednesday – Brazil overtakes Italy in terms of deaths. Very avoidable.

Tuesday – truly exhausting. I couldn’t imagine that anything would take a global pandemic off the headlines.

Monday – my entire newsfeed has switched from coronavirus reporting and emerging from lockdown, to majority peaceful Black Lives Matter protests and the parallel violence, looting and associated police responses. There is even a curfew in Issaquah , WA.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "Mayor Mary Lou Pauly @MayorMaryLou Το protect the health and safety of our community, am issuing a curfew from 8 p.m.-6 a.m. June 1-3. During the curfew hours, community members should refrain from traveling in and through Issaquah. Stay Home, Stay Safe"

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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