BrainShare 2005 – Wednesday 23 March

Novell acquires Tally Systems.. One focus of my life for the last few months – the future ZENworks Asset Management. Some coverage: Acquisition Of Tally Shows Where Novell Wants To Go Information Week – USA… asset-management software maker Tally Systems Corp. in a move to strengthen Novell ZENworks. The acquisition of privately held Tally […]

Planet N

Jason Feilbach introduced me to the aggregation of Novell peoples blogs – Planet N

BrainShare 2005 – Tuesday 22 March

Urg. Early mornings. Up early for a 7 am partner breakfast. Roadmap, vision, feedback and comments from our reseller and channel partners. The most common request – “give us early access to code” – we’re working on it right now. Also gave my first session of the week – ZENworks Linux Management Best Practices – […]

BrainShare 2005 – Monday 21 March

The keynote was a success – our demos worked well and my photo even got on the official Novell press kit. We had a minor glitch with the AV feed – the word is that the splitter box power failed. Typical! Reports have it that the scooter was on one wheel as I cornered – […]

BrainShare 2005 – Sunday 20 March

Sunday morning – and I’m in Monday keynote rehersals. BrainShare is about to start. I will be posting photos and comments from BrainShare during the week. The scooter came plastered with a strong warning (clicky for big): 1. Read the all manual carefully before operations.2. Easily slide forward brakingin high speed3. Centerof gravity should be […]

Prestidigitation and BrainShare keynotes

Google it. Demo building is fun 🙂 I’ve been locked in our PM war room all day building servers and demos with Mark Schouls – one of the smartest guys around when it comes to systems management. As always the demos are being built on code so fresh you can still smell the paint. We’ve […]

Enterprise Software distribution – fighting the FUD

Another cross posting on Microsofts own internal discussions on software distribution to my team blog Hmm.. This seems like a missing feature. I really only want to write this once and post to two blogs. That and trackback would be great. [edit] – I originally had multiple blogs – I moved from Blogspot to self-hosted […]

ZENworks Linux Management – configuration, hints and tips

I posted a lot of the previously internal ZENworks Linux Management/Red Carpet Enterprise configuration documentation. I dated it for December 2004 – which was when I posted it internally at Novell. Some day I must go back and clean up the formatting – it’s a raw cut and paste from the ZENworks internal wiki.