Windows XP Hibernate

My laptop dual boots [I swap between two 80GB hard drives] between Windows XP and Novell Linux Desktop. My XP installation has a really annoying problem with Hibernate – described in this Microsoft article. Put simply – it can’t Hibernate about 90% of the time. There is a lengthy blog post describing the issue – […]

Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 should now be available. Even had a makeover. Firefox 1.5 is pretty great. My beta feedback: inplace updates (rather than download and install) should help with the slew of point releases as Firefox has hit over 100 million downloads speed is improved (woo!) Linux ‘look and feel’ is much improved Here’s to […]

Google Analytics – another update

A few weeks into using Google Analytics – and I must say I’m very impressed. The data collected is stunning – for example – 70% of blog visitors use Firefox (not surprising for a tech blog) Also currently 5% of my blog visitors are from a domain. A hearty hello if you’re in Redmond […]

Clean Server Power

Not UPS and filtered power – more the generation. I’ve just signed up with Utah Power for their Blue Sky program. I join 12,000 other Utah customers – including businesses like Uinta brewing. Sounds good to me 🙂 [Edit – I made a 80×15 button for this: ]


Xbox 360’s crashing? Lots of posts about this now – Xbox-Scene seems to have most. [Edit – here’s a great video of a crash – thanks to Digg for that one.]

Ray Ozzie on ‘Simple Sharing Extensions’

An interesting post from Ray Ozzie – one of the most influential people to have joined Microsoft in the last five years. I’ll paraphrase by stealing quotes: Each of us has a mix of private, shared, and public events and meetings that we’re tracking. Some of these we edit privately and publish to others. The […]

Internet Explorer – another unpatched vulnerability

SANS are flagging a particularly nasty Internet Explorer problem: the UK group “Computer Terrorism” released a proof of concept exploit against patched versions of Internet Explorer. We verified that the code is working on a fully patched Windows XP system with default configuration. The bug uses a problem in the javascript ‘Window()’ function, if run […]

ZLM7 database schema

I used Visio to build a relationship map of the ZENworks 7 Linux Management database. (In a former life I use to use ERwin from Platinum Technology..) If anyone wants a copy in PDF just give me a shout. If anyone wants to know how I did this – please also get in touch.

Business value of a CMDB

Nice article this month from – about the business value of a CMDB. It’s by the ex CTO of Marimba – who is now CTO of the Change and Configuration Management space at BMC – Kia Behnia. I’d expect BMC to push a CMDB message – they after all message ITIL heavily and have […]

NetWare uptime

It may not be fashionable to talk about tradtional NetWare anymore – but there is a vast installed base that is running this reliable NOS. Novell Cool Solutions has been running a competition to showcase server that have been up for years. Here is the latest round. My favourite is this NetWare 3 server – […]