Novell Cool Blogs – hopefully the final update

We’re in the home straight; final testing for the new Novell Cool Blogs. I’ve been hitting the test system hard in the last week – making suggestions to the Novell team that are making this happen. There are two main updates – the plan is now to use WordPress for the blog infrastucture; second launch […]

Harvey Balls

Ah – a favourite for Powerpointers world over – Harvey balls (or meatballs in Novell parlance) represent the relative impact of various options. I found a great font with the balls in here – –  and some great graphics here. A sidenote: “Harvey balls” are named after their inventor–Harvey Poppel, a partner in the […]

Green Card

Our application for permanant residence in the US has been approved; in short our Green Cards are in the post. It’s taken eight months to process – from first paperwork filing to approval. Sounds like a long time – but this is one of the fastest processed applications I’ve known. Woo! We’ll be celebrating this […]

Novell Community Podcasts

At last – the flood of community content I’ve blogged about for the last month or so is starting to appear. First out of the gates is Novell OpenAudio – Podcasts for the broad Novell Community. I’ll not spoil the suprise – but I recorded a series of four podcasts with Erin Quill about a […]

Building a Community

Guy Kawasaki has a great post tonight on Building a Community. I’m not going to post it here – but take a read. We’re right in the middle of getting the Novell CoolBlogs kicked off – this is great timely reading. [Edit: this also got picked up by Robert Scoble; who added ‘go visit your […]

San Jose, CA

I’m in San Jose all week – working at the RSA Conference. San Jose is lovely at this time of the year; it’s sunny, warm and friendly. It’s good to be out of the cold of Utah for a few days. It’s been an interesting few days; there was a PETA demonstration on the corner […]

Vegetarian Indian Food

I got another recipe book for Grania for her Birthday: Madhur Jaffrey’s World-of-the-East Vegetarian Cooking It’s been a great resource; even though it’s over twenty years old! We’ve taken some Persian, Thai and lots of Indian ideas from it. This weekend (as I am going away for most of the week) I cooked up a […]

Ham, Spam, Viruses

I’ve been running a more aggressive anti-spam and anti-virus regime on my inbound mail servers for about six weeks now. The statistics are interesting; inbound spam outnumbers ‘real email’ or ham by around 2:1. This means that during any day there are at least twice as many unwanted, spam emails – as opposed to real […]