ImageMagick and batch files

I borrowed a film scanner this week – and I’ve been scanning old (and crappy quality) APS films to TIFF files. The results are pretty good – considering the limitations of APS. Here’s the stunning Taj Mahal, Agra, India taken in August 2001. I needed to convert around 2000 TIFF files to something that was useful […]

ITIL v3 Foundation

I’m in Provo for a couple of days – sitting on an ITIL v3 Foundation course. The main reason – it’s a cheap and convenient way to sit the exam.. I can’t sit the electronic exam at Prometric in Utah until the New Year. If I was in London I could do it today. Strange […]

Six degrees and Dan Clark

I was at the Novell Global Sales Conference in Orlando, FL all of last week. Final evening – Saturday – we had the final wrap ups and call to action; followed by Dan Clark – the motivational speaker. He was actually pretty good; and did well making his time personal to Novell and the audience. […]


Everyone is on Facebook now. Even Grania! I joined ages ago – but I concentrated on LinkedIn for the business connections.

Vista deployment

Just working on the final pieces of the Vista deployment thread for the Sales Conference. I’ve got a whole hands-on lab from the fine lads at ENGL – should be good. 

Windows 2000

Windows 2000. Ah. That takes me back. Building more Vista migration stuff for the Sales kickoff; and I’m shocked how different Windows 2000 and Vista are in terms of resource requirements. I’m running Windows 2000 quite happily in a machine with 196MB RAM on a VM; Vista takes at least five times that for the […]

Code names.. something stinks

I blogged last year on ZENworks project code names. We recently almost announced a project codenamed “Brown Trout”. Innocent sounding to the US reader; I’ll let the rest of the English speaking world share what the context is. Hint: It’s brown, streamlined and lives in water. But it’s not a fish.

WordPress 2.3.1 and Windows Live Writer

Just a quick note; WordPress 2.3.1 adds support for WLW Keywords. Some nomenclature changes – tags to keywords; but it works just great. Here are the Keywords in WLW: … and the corresponding tags in WordPress: