Lighttpd on SLES

I’ve been playing around with switching from Apache to lighttpd (lighty) for a while now; one of my dev boxes runs lighty reasonably well.

Couple of things:

– the openSUSE build system has pre-built RPMs for SLES

– PHP support is via FastCGI; it’s not exactly intuitive on SLES – but the correct php5 binary is actually placed into /srv/www/cgi-bin. I moved mine to /usr/bin and renamed it to php5-fastcgi

Some time in the next few days I’ll finally move the production environment live – but right now it’s looking faster and less memory intensive than Apache.

ITIL v3 Foundation

Good news; the EXIN envelope arrived tonight – and I passed the ITIL v3 Foundation.

Now I’m looking for the ‘exact word’ on what’s needed for the v3 Diploma; it looks like I need to take the "ITIL Managers v2 to Managers v3 Bridging course" which is pushed to 2008.

ITIL update

I passed the ITIL v2 Managers exams. Just missed a distinction on the Service Support – that’s the slightly sad part.

Otherwise good news.

ITIL v2 Managers results

The results are in the post. Several people who were on the training sent out a ‘warning’ email saying they were arriving and to watch out for an anonymous looking white envelope.

I guess it’ll take a few extra days to get here.. Still waiting for the ITIL v3 Foundation results too.

This is worse than waiting for A-level results.