Novell blogs on the move

I decided to move my Corporate Blogs from Novell Cool Blogs to Novell Cool Solutions.

Novell Cool Solutions

I announced this in October; this month I started the move.

Why move?

Mainly the volume of postings and the amount of traffic at Cool Blogs compared with Cool Solutions.

Cool Blogs started as the first open, unfiltered blog from Novell almost two years ago. Since then I’ve made over 25% of the posts to the blog. That’s too much. I’ve slowed my blogging on Cool Blogs and moved a lot to this site; but still the proportion of posts that are my ZENworks posts is too high.

By posting on Cool Solutions I hope that my posts get a wider readership and I don’t take a too large proportion of the postings.


I purchased PingPlotter over four years ago – and I’ve always liked the product features and support.

I lost my license key and emailed the author – Pete Ness – for a replacement.

Great service – response and license back within five minutes.

Support small software writers – go buy a copy of PingPlotter.