Hacking WordPress

I didn’t think I’d be hacking WordPress as much as in the past 🙂

I upgraded my sisters blog to WordPress 2.5.1 and ran into two issues that required hacking:

– user password reset is broken

Here’s the issue http://wordpress.org/support/topic/172820 and here is the temporary fix: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/6842

– header injection problem when using wp_redirect with enumerated PHP code in pages

Here’s my fix: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/179091

Another useful evening looking at PHP..

Blog tidy up

I manage and host my sisters Cub Scout pack website.

Today was tidy up time during lunch; sadly the site hasn’t been updated in a long time – it was running an old, old version of WordPress, Gallery 2 and lots of pre-release plugins.

I am in the process of replacing all of my hand-crafted PHP hacks with plugins; some are off the shelf; others I am hacking (converting my direct hacks into plugins).

I really like the BM Custom Login plugin from Ben Gillbanks – he’s the same guy that made the Regulus theme.

Music for the commute

I’m testing out the Microsoft Connector bus for my commute – I figure an hour of listening to podcasts, audiobooks or music combined with blogging and email could be more productive, less costly – and certainly greener – than driving.

Music for the commute today:

Ting Tings, Goldfrapp, T-Rex, Noah and the Whale, British Sea Power.

Blogging for Microsoft

I’ve almost been here for three months; time to unwrap the blogging.

I’ve got a couple of really marketing-centric videos up on Edge; I’ll post the links later.

Power outage

The power dropped for a second or two this morning; a good test for the Uninterruptible Power Supplies that are keeping the servers safe.

Everything worked perfectly; I need to add the Vonage box to the UPS power too – the only thing that went out was the phone.

Twitter, Twhirl, Adobe Air and uninstall

I installed twhirl a couple of months ago. Today it stopped working telling me that Adobe Air was broken.

There is nothing on Vista to let me uninstall, repair or otherwise tinker with Air and its applications. I found this timely blog post on uninstall:


Quoted from his email, here’s how you uninstall Adobe AIR if it does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs control panel:

Download the latest installer and then pass it the “-uninstall” flag from the command line, like so:

AdobeAIRInstaller.exe –uninstall

Worked like a champ.


We switched over our phone providers when we moved.

Here’s how it looks so far:


Local – Qwest – $45 per month
LD/Intl – AT&T – $75 per month
DSL – Covad – $130 per month


DSL – Covad – $130 per month
VOIP – Vonage – $30 per month

Most of our phone service was international to the UK – we made very few local or long distance calls. Now with Vonage we’re getting those as part of our plan.

The other big saving is in killing the local service. I got Covad with naked DSL (also known as a dry line) – so there’s no dial tone on the phone – just data.


The wireless network is re-configured and running.

Finally I got the wireless network, IPsec and wi-fi security configured to let authorised laptops be part of the private backbone. No more uploading photos to the NAS server only when docked!

I had to swap out the old wireless router – an old Netgear – it would randomly drop DHCP offer packets from the backbone to the bridged wireless network. Even the online docs from Netgear say it’s problematic.

I upgraded to a new 802.11n router – works perfectly and gives great throughput.

The old Netgear is now the guest, non-backbone access network. Wireless access for guests and family without letting them loose on the backbone.