Change control: SLES 10 updates

Planned upgrades this weekend SLES 10 SP1 –> SP2 for both x86 and x64   How-to: Local update: Release notes:

Change control: Apache 2.2.9 + libapr1

Updated apache to 2.2.9 (apache2-2.2.9, apache2-utils-2.2.9, apache2-prefork-2.2.9) and the Apache Portable Runtime (libapr1-1.3.2, libapr-util1-1.3.2) Updates from the openSUSE build system. Thanks guys.

Patching, updates and change control

Another regular round of patching this week. My Active Directory DC and primary Kerberos box needed updating from Windows 2003 SP1 to Windows 2003 SP2. The update had been on the list for a while, but because of the importance of it for authentication for all workstations and PAM/Kerberos on the Linux systems it never […]

Ximian – five years ago

It was five years ago this week that Novell acquired Ximian. I clearly remember heading to the Ximian offices at the back of Fenway Park in Boston a few weeks after the acquisition; my task was to meet with the Red Carpet Enterprise team and work on integration plans with ZENworks. I arrived at […]