Amazon S3, Azure, Live Grid and the cloud

Now Amazon have opened a European S3/EC2 datacenter in Dublin I am experimenting with video hosting on Amazon S3 and having data in Europe. Several reasons: there is a big fat pipe out of that datacenter into most European markets; most of the family watching our videos are in Europe. It’s a lot of hops […]

“Even as we speak”

The usual late night web browsing (with music playing and a cold beer in hand) got me to Egg Records. They have released the early catalog of Even As We Speak – an early 90’s Australian band; who happened to make it big on John Peel, released an album and disappeared. Take a look at […]

Adobe AIR and updating twhirl

Problems updating twhirl – it kept reporting an ‘Adobe AIR error 0’. The problem was that the installer did not have permissions under Vista to install into c:program files. The solution – run the Adobe AIR installer as Admin – c:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobe AIRVersions1.0Adobe Air Application Installer.exe – then select the .air file and install.